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16 VI 1928 – and other Skeletons in the Closet

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Like something from a Romeo and Juliette tale, of star-crossed lovers, ‘the end’ was just so tragic, all round.  

No sooner had Annie left for England, than Trevor started “stepping out” with another young woman: Elsie Cook, also born about 1907.  … When Elsie was five months pregnant, Trevor asked her father for Elsie’s hand in marriage.  The father consented, and that evening the young man and his new fiance went out for an evening stroll at the near-by district of Llanwonno.

Elsie and Trevor died in 1928, in very different circumstances, both aged 21; their mothers remained friends for life and supported each other in the grief.

You can read more now, and I promise, lots of related family stories to follow.


‘I want my life back!’

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“Being a professor is a life-style, not a job”

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2018 – UoGSHIFT


In some ways, sex, sexualities and sexual health (abbreviated here as sex~) are the elephant in our class rooms.  This presentation aims at acknowledging the presence of various matters sexual, across numerous disciplines and their curricula, and looking at ways of talking about sex~, dealing with, challenging, and sharing ideas on this ‘elephant in the room’.  By so doing, hopefully, more cases of sexual problems or ill-health can be proactively lessened, with the end-result being more Greenwich graduates (and staff) who are happier beings in and of themselves, confident as citizens in a sexually aware, changing and ever-challenging world.

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What’s a ‘wanger’?

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Tales of my Investiture

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2017 – LGB&T+ Staff Forum Profile

Source: 2017 – LGB&T+ Staff Forum Profile