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TV interview: Princess Diana and HIV

Some of my WordPress pages have been discovered – twice – by filming companies!  The first, resulted in an interview with the wonderful Rupert Everett. Then, in the week I celebrated my 30th anniversary of starting as a nurse on an HIV ward, I was interviewed for a documentary series on the Royal House of Windsor.

RAW TV - 27 Sept 2019 - (8)

You can see the full story here: TV interview: Princess Diana and HIV

30 years in London, starting in HIV nursing

Sunday 24th September, 1989. That was the first day of the rest of my life!  I started on an HIV in-patient service, at St Mary’s Paddington, the very next day.  The experience changed my life and set me up for what happened seven months later: April, 1990. Being interviewed for my first teaching post, just after cremating a patient, that one day led to the start of my career in teaching.  The first post was as a lecturer-practitioner in “HIV and AIDS”; numerous posts since then, leading now to professor in sexualities and genders: health and well-being.  Here’s what happened, from Rome 2018.



2018 – Rome: Brief Encounters

Arriverderci Roma

With the final funds from my National Teaching Fellowship award, I planned on going to Rome, for an HIV nursing conference. I saw this grey haired man with a little dog, something like one of mine.  So I smiled at the dog, then said “Buongiorno, Signore” to him. When he told me he was a professor, I burst with excitement as I told him I had just become one, too!

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“I’m in a big dark hole, and there’s no light…!”

01 Sept 2019, and just reading on Twitter, how so many people get moments when they struggle with doctoral studies, made me think back, and remember!  My advice would be: stay with it!  Get the support you need and don’t give up!  You have got so much to offer the world, by committing to such a huge task.  It will be worth it in the end!

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Where were YOU when Diana died?

My poor ol’ mother, Lil, really loved Diana, and I am just so thankful Lil died before the Princess, otherwise her last few weeks or months would have been so sad at this young woman’s tragic death.  As with many people, Lil thought of Diana as someone she knew personally, and loved dearly.

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2019 – Thomas More University Belgium

What a wonderful invite, welcome and opportunity: a lecture tour across Flanders for the 2019 International Days at Thomas More University, Belgium, #ID2019_TM.  Here are my key videos from various presentations across numerous campuses.  It’s like a taster course of what we offer, on sexualities, sexual health & HIV studies. Belgian map where I visitied

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The Psychic Shadows of HIV and AIDS

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Today (13 July 2019) marks the 21st anniversary since my graduation with an MPhil @UniWales @Cardiffuni. The abstract from the thesis is here, as well as links for related stories & posts. Happy anniversary #ClassOf1998

Oskar Kusterer – 12 July 1945

Oskar mounted

Rest in peace, Oskar. Chances are, you, like millions of your compatriots, were caught up in yet another futile war … not of your making, a war that ended your life aged 35.  Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where war was no more!

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16 VI 1928 – and other Skeletons in the Closet … “Like something from a Romeo and Juliette tale, of star-crossed lovers, ‘the end’ was just so tragic, all round. ” My great-uncle Trevor and his fiance; 17th June 1928.

Elsie Cookvia 16 VI 1928 – and other Skeletons in the Closet

2019 – Adobe EdEx Courses

Hello Blossom

How wonderful to learn new skills and be able to use these resources, to truly transform – not just enhance – our Teaching, Learning and Assessing.

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