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“I’m in a big dark hole, and there’s no light…!”

01 Sept 2019, and just reading on Twitter, how so many people get moments when they struggle with doctoral studies, made me think back, and remember!  My advice would be: stay with it!  Get the support you need and don’t give up!  You have got so much to offer the world, by committing to such a huge task.  It will be worth it in the end!

via “I’m in a big dark hole, and there’s no light…!”

Out In Force

In the days before ‘the ban’ was lifted (12 January 2000), I was part of a team who taught on a military nurses’ course in London.  ‘The ban’ referred to such times when lesbian and gay people could serve Queen and Country, even die for Queen and Country, yet not love or have sex openly and equally to their heterosexual Comrades-At-Arms.

On the 19th anniversary of the lifting of “the ban” … via Out In Force