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Dr David T Evans, OBE NTF
Royal Borough of Greenwich, London, UK

Bio: "Teaching is not a job or chore, but a passion and love-affair with learning, a ‘performance’ of life which I gladly share with others." Me, 2014. That's right. I started my adult learning career on 28 April 1974, aged 17, at the Prince of Wales' Orthopaedic Hospital, Rhyd-Lafar, Cardiff. After five years nurse education, then ten years with the Catholic Church (ordained priest 9 May 1987), I returned to nursing, for 7 months on an HIV ward, before commencing teaching on 6 April 1990. I have been facilitating sexual health and HIV learning ever since: in colleges of nursing; the NHS; in a freelance capacity across health, social care, professional nursing (The RCN) and military welfare services, through to Higher Education. I am fortunate enough to back up these experiences of life with a shed load of academic and professional qualifications, ultimately receiving the highest award for 'excellence in teaching' in 2014 (https://drdavidtevansntfhea.wordpress.com/). Nothing gives me greater personal and professional satisfaction than to share learning and my passion for life with others, of whom there have already been a few thousand others over these past years. Oh, and by the way: In 2017, Her Majesty The Queen graciously appointed me Officer in the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, "for services to nursing and sexual health education". "Ad moltos annos" - many happy years, to us all!

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