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Tu es sacerdos in aeternum

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That special date: 9th May, both of 1987 and 30 years later: 2017. Forever in my memory!

My 'memories, dreams and reflections'

Ordination - Eucharistic prayer

The 9th of May 2017 …

… marked the 30th anniversary since my ordination to the Catholic priesthood.  I’ve been teaching sexual health for 27 years now; many people may not even know about the ten years spent for the priesthood, a decade in my past life.  These days, I am more inclined to consider myself ‘post-Catholic’, but there’s always a tug on the heart strings when I see “Sister Act” or Zeffirelli’s “Brother Sun and Sister Moon” or some other Hollywood epic with a Catholic theme.

Litany of the Saints Deacon David lying prostrate for the Litany of the Saints

That 30th anniversary was truly special for a right Royal reason, too! 

Quite often, when people find out I was ordained and then left the active ministry, they blurt out “Oh, so you didn’t have a vocation!?”  Just like when I was actually working in parish life…

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