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Trilogy of a beautiful Princess

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And this was 30 years ago this very day! The world of HIV was very different back then. Thanks to people like Princess Diana, she managed to take a massive swipe at the whole social disease of stigma, especially as affecting people living with both HIV infection and AIDS defining illnesses.

My 'memories, dreams and reflections'

In an unprecedented move, as of summer 2016, the British Royal Family website carries a number of stories about people living with HIV.  HRH The Prince Harry recently delivered an inspirational speech at the Worlds AIDS Conference, in Durban, South Africa, in which he said:

“We cannot lose a sense of urgency, because despite all the progress we have made, HIV remains among the most pressing and urgent of global challenges.”

It is great to see Harry carrying on a cause that his late Mother championed so well.  Of course,  Diana wasn’t the only Royal to visit and get involved with people living with HIV, but she was the most visible, the most iconic, and therefore the one with the greatest international ‘clout’ for raising HIV awareness, and challenging both HIV and AIDS-related stigmas.

I recount a trilogy of fond memories that I have, of seeing Her Late Royal…

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