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Hoc est corpus … hic est sanguinis

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It was a horrible feeling knowing I would not be able to celebrate Midnight Mass as an ordained priest, but I was determined to go to Mass somewhere … Christmas eve 1989

My 'memories, dreams and reflections'

St Mary's main entrance

Similar to Damian’s story, Cosmo was a patient on the same ward, in and out with every new opportunistic infection or tumour his HIV could lay its grubby hands on.  In the end he developed severe Kaposi’s sarcoma, with the classic bodily marks, from the tip of his nose, then dotted all over his body, just like the actor Tom Hanks on Philadeplphia (1993).  Caring for Cosmo provided us all with ample opportunities for practicing the 6 Cs of nursing care, before they were ever spelled out to us, or systematised, as a model.

There are four stories I’d love to share with you about Cosmo (obviously not his real name).  I always say it was him who helped me jump from a ‘D’ grade staff nurse’s post, to an ‘H’ grade (a modern day band 5 to 8) in only 7 months after returning to nursing from a…

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