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16 VI 1928 – and other Skeletons in the Closet … “Like something from a Romeo and Juliette tale, of star-crossed lovers, ‘the end’ was just so tragic, all round. ” My great-uncle Trevor and his fiance; 17th June 1928.

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2019 – Adobe EdEx Courses

Hello Blossom

How wonderful to learn new skills and be able to use these resources, to truly transform – not just enhance – our Teaching, Learning and Assessing.

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2019 – HIV & SAIs for Midwifery Students

HIV and SIAS for midwifery students - May 2019

I know I have said this time and time again, but when I first started working in HIV client care, never ever could we have imagined the world would be where we are now, in relation to successful HIV medications, especially in reproductive health and maternity services.

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ARMYvNAVY Rugby 2019

Having so much fun learning @AdobeSpark & #AdobeRush. Just presenting my photos & videos from #ARMYNAVYRUGBY #ARMYvNAVY 2019

Ticket 2

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Alison Hadley, OBE, HonDUniv

Alison Hadley’s core work and efforts, for almost three decades, have ensured that her name and reputation are synonymous with effective social policy for strategic, nation-wide, teenage pregnancy reduction.  Her leadership and profound influence across successive UK Governments, as well as numerous governments abroad and the World Health Organisation, congregate around her notable compassion and inspiration on the topic of “teenage pregnancy”, witnessed by all who hear her speak on the subject.

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The first thirty years

“From those early days of pioneering HIV education, the role has broadened immensely, incorporating much ‘wider curriculum’ aspects of sexual health teaching. And, here’s hoping: I look forward to many more happy years with you all!” via The first thirty years

Out In Force

In the days before ‘the ban’ was lifted (12 January 2000), I was part of a team who taught on a military nurses’ course in London.  ‘The ban’ referred to such times when lesbian and gay people could serve Queen and Country, even die for Queen and Country, yet not love or have sex openly and equally to their heterosexual Comrades-At-Arms.

On the 19th anniversary of the lifting of “the ban” … via Out In Force